One World Blockchain Forum – Press Release 1

Day 1 – Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Theme:           Tech for Tao:  Art, Culture and Society

Date:               Tuesday, January 23, 2018


One World Blockchain Forum
Hard Rock Hotel Davos
Tobelmühlestrasse 2, Davos, 7270
“The Chapel”

When:             9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Highlights for January 23, 2018

The One World Blockchain Forum launches its 2018 Davos three-day event with a day of groundbreaking presentations and panel discussions, sponsored by Artpi, about the role that blockchain technology is playing in transforming art, culture, and society today.

Artpi is bringing a number of VIPs from the People’s Republic of China, including the Secretary General of the country’s international Digital Economy Association, the Secretary-General of the World Digital Commonwealth Foundation, and the CEO of the Digital Future Fund. Yanling Duan, from Artpi and Chair of the Open Heart Design Alliance, will explain how China is fast becoming one of the most influential cultural exporters. Fostering a sustainable ecosystem to protect cultural workers and their innovations will be of utmost importance.

The blockchain can achieve these goals as it interweaves art, education, technology and the human psyche to generate interest in Chinese art, culture, and traditions.  There will be much need opportunity for innovators around the world as China continues its seismic shift towards the protection of Intellectual Property rights and the marketing of its cultural industries around the globe.  Come see how the blockchain can transform societies.

The keynote address from Kavita Gupta, Managing Partner of ConsenSys Capital, at 9:30 a.m. will set the theme for the day by speaking on “Nextgen Blockchain Applications for the Developing World”.  Kavita is a recipient of UN social finance innovator award in 2015 for being an integral part of the founding green bond team at the World Bank. At ConsenSys, Kavita heads the unique VC-hedge fund, investing in next-generation blockchain technologies.

There will also be a timely panel on the future of art, society with Toni Lane, whose work focuses on social realities.  In Davos for her fifth time Drue Kataoka will also share her views about technology can transform societies.  Come also hear Beth Weesner, Founder of Blockchain Circle, Arianna Simpson, Oliver Krause, and Amy Seidman. Amy will announce about how her organization will be using blockchain technology in the pursuit of the United Nations sustainable development goals.

Nikhil Jain and Adam Zheng, co-founders of ObEN, will explore how their company has created intelligent avatars made from the digital profiles of our online behavior.  They have created their signature Personal Artificial Intelligence (PAI), one that looks, talks, and behaves like its human counterpart, all secured on the blockchain.  The company is doing some amazing things and is working with many internationally known celebrities.  Come and ask which A-listers are working with ObEN.

There are also a number of other great speakers.  For a full list, please visit

For more information about the speakers, the forum and the One World Blockchain Alliance, please contact James Cooper via email at, by mobile telephone at +1-858 344 3925, or by Telegram at @JamieCooper.



About Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology is a universally transparent ledger where distributed trade and services can be conducted without the need for the usual trusted intermediaries of the past. The old world order of centralized services monopoly-controlling all the data and mechanisms of business are gone.  In its place will be disintermediated marketplaces and services where buyers and sellers can conduct business directly to great efficiency and transparency. The original Internet was massively disruptive to society by connecting the offline to the digital. Internet 2.0 furthered connectivity and multimodal interaction via social networks and mobile technology.

Blockchain technology represents the new Internet 3.0, where the tidal wave of market potential of new distributed business models will make the earlier disruptions looks like small ripples in a pond.  This three day event is designed to bring together the leading experts on blockchain to demonstrate the technology’s incredible potential, develop opportunities, and collaborate for a better future for investors and innovators, regulators and entrepreneurs, and finance industry leaders and the uninitiated.  In light of the One Belt, One Road Initiative from China, there will be a special focus on the new Silk Road linking 65 countries in Africa, Asia, and Europe.

The One World Blockchain Alliance connects the most innovative blockchain companies in the developed world to the vast opportunities of the developing world for the benefit of all.  As the One Belt One Road Initiative frees the flow of trade and capital the One World Blockchain Alliance is leveraging the best-in-class international blockchain technologies to help make that happen.

 “One Belt, One Road, One World”

一世界 区块链 联盟

一带 ,一路 ,一世界

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