Barnaby Andersun

Barnaby Andersun

Futurist; ICO, Blockchain & Brand Strategist; CEO of; Advisor at

Barnaby has founded several tech startups over the past 25 years, including his blockchain and branding consultancies, plus a number e-commerce and cryptocurrency projects. This includes creating innovative models for ICO startups, plus complete marketing strategies to launch their projects online, providing full ICO services for crypto-entrepreneurs and tokenomics projects.
During his long career in technology, Barnaby understood the power of blockchain and has made cryptocurrency & decentralization a central focus on all of his projects, now with attention on helping bring to market ICOs built on innovative blockchain technologies. Barnaby provides strategic consulting on how to digitize a project, re-engineer it for blockchain, automate e-commerce systems, drive traffic, and build brand awareness.

Internet’s early adopter back in 1993, and later joining Australia’s first major Web Design & Development team in Feb ’95, has been involved in all aspects of web technologies since their conception making Barnaby a true pioneer in his fields. A focal point is his successful branding agency, Brand Aloud, which has a radical new approach to research-focused branding. If you’re a start-up, Barnaby knows the steps on how to get your project ready for market.

He’s also been a meditation teacher for 20+ years, an interest that has led him all over the world fulfilling his curiosity for life beyond life, leading his interest in the mind & neurological health to investigating the latest in brain research, focusing on natural state-of-the-art methods for improving brain functioning. This research is paving the way to a new book Barnaby has in the works, which has lead to him running the successful architecture of for the Ajna Light & Neuro Light machines. A man of many talents: Writer, consultant, web & app architect, strategist, and a sought after international speaker, having trained over 2,000 people through the US, Asia and Australia, having also held conferences at Stanford University.