James Cheng

Founder of Truechain, Member of Changan Club, China

TrueChain (TRUE) is developing a public blockchain for real commercial decentralized applications. The blockchain is based on an improved PBFT consensus protocol that provides fast peer-to-peer communication, value transfer, and efficient smart contract infrastructure. TrueChain starts with digital advertising industry D-applications, but is preparing for supporting all commercial D-applications. As the needs for performance-demanding commercial Dapps emerge, TrueChain is going to become the next-generation public chain for commercial applications.

Application & Commercial Perspective: The needs to develop Dapps from every industry is booming. Many Dapps will require high performance and low cost. However, supporting multiple performance-demanding Dapps is very hard on existing platforms. TrueChain provides such an infrastructure to host “real” Dapps from various industries. TrueChain will implement an abstraction layer of commercial contracts based on the business logic, and provide tools for developers, Dapp managers to friendly access the smart contracts. TrueChain wallet is easy to integrate as Dapps on TrueChain could publish their own digital assets and connect their mobile apps / website applications to TrueChain’s infrastructure.