Layla Dong

Founder & CEO of Blockshine Co. Ltd.

Blockchain technology has the potential to promote and harmonize the collaboration between the East and the West. China, with its world’s leading data industry and network industry, has incubated numbers of talented developers. However, due to several limitations, including restrictions from the current anti-cryptocurrency policies and immaturity of the market, there is a lack of right understanding of blockchain technology. More specifically, owing to the limited recognition of blockchain in China, the public tends to mix the blockchain technology with cryptocurrency, which is a product based on blockchain technology. Contrary to the East, blockchainized companies are allowed to finance in Western countries. Some projects with great development prospect can raise capital in the West. Possessing a massive information base and outstanding personnel, China can serve as an incubation center for the actual implementation of blockchain projects, which will ultimately foster the success of prospective blockchain projects. Lastly, we are deploying our “one belt one road” plans. Previously, the West regards China’s “one belt one road” concept as merely helping other countries to build infrastructure, along with exporting goods and products. However, technology export is one of the major components of this strategic concept. Via the launch of Blockchain Centre Vilnius, which will happen on 27th of January, we aim to educate the next generation by introducing a technological paradigm shift that redefines the way money, value and trust is transacted. Blockchain centre will enhance the knowledge of the public about the infinite potentiality of blockchain technology, and the adoption of blockchain technology in the world.