Lazlo Giricz

Lazlo Giricz

Tech Partner & CEO, Poseidon Foundation

Laszlo Giricz is applying the world of carbon credits to blockchain technology using his significant experience as a business and technology consultant. Laszlo has spent over 17 years consulting for some of the world’s largest international investment banks such as JP Morgan Chase, Deutsche Bank, and UBS, across the world’s financial centres of Tokyo, New York, and London.

Since 2012, Laszlo has been intricately involved in blockchain technology. In addition to being a keen investor in and advocate of digital assets, he is one of the founders of the Canadian company GPU Hosting that commercialises the provision of computational infrastructures for the distributed ledger used by the blockchain asset Zcash.

One of Laszlo’s goals in creating GPU Hosting was to create a sustainable and environmentally friendly business. This ethos drove the decision to build the server farm in Quebec, Canada, where the business was able to use electricity from Hydro Quebec, a provider of clean, renewable energy. In 2017, Laszlo began to speak to friends and colleagues about his ambition to turn GPU Hosting carbon positive. This subsequently resulted in the Poseidon venture on the premise that controlling your carbon footprint should be as easy as checking your bank balance.