Lisa Walker

Lisa Walker

CEO of Ecosphere+

Lisa Walker is CEO of Ecosphere+, a positive impact company that aims to grow the global demand for carbon reductions, thereby creating an incentive to prevent the destruction of critical ecological systems that balance the carbon in our environment.

E+ partners with investors, businesses and individual consumers to make natural solutions to climate change accessible, and is part of the impact investment Althelia Climate Fund, the largest portfolio of forest conservation projects in the world.
Before E+, Lisa served as Vice President for Environment & Climate Change at BG Group (now part of Royal Dutch Shell). She has worked in the oil and gas sector for >17 years and has been closely involved in all aspects of climate change strategy development & implementation, public policy formation, coalition building and low-carbon business development. Since 1999, she has been actively promoting and developing carbon markets and was a driving force behind a number of coalitions such as the UK Emissions Trading Group, the CCAC Oil & Gas Methane Partnership, the Sustainable Gas Institute and the CEO-led Oil & Gas Climate Initiative (OGCI).

Before BG Group, Lisa held various roles at BP including Director of the BP Carbon Ventures corporate VC fund focused on development of a diversified carbon finance portfolio. Lisa successfully secured capital for a number of innovative investments including forestry, REDD+, sustainable land management, carbon farming, low-carbon technologies and bio-energy, including a number of first-of-their-kind deals for the private sector such as investment in the World Bank’s Forest Carbon Partnership Facility (FCPF).