Maja Vujinovic

Maja Vujinovic

Digital Transformation CIO, GE

Maja started her career as an entrepreneur in mobile payments/telecom in Sub Saharan Africa and for over fifteen years, has worked across 5 continents at the intersection of technology and geopolitical realities.

In her previous role as a CIO of Emerging Tech & Future of Work at General Electric, Digital, she designed strategic direction and pilots across GE’s businesses, focused on automation and growth. Maja spearheaded a blockchain framework design across all GE’s verticals at Chairman level. More specifically she looked at how current processes in corporate treasury, supply chain finance, IiOT, energy grid etc, can and will be disrupted. She led education and hands on applications of distributed ledgers (blockchain), AI, ML and satellite data. Working across GE (CEO’s, CIO’s, and GE’s venture group) Maja led transformation by assessing business gaps and investments in external disruptors (start-ups). Maja started in bitcoin/blockchain space seven years ago.

Currently, Maja is an investor and a CEO of OGroup LLC focused on convergence of legacy systems and decentralized open protocols. OGroup helps companies design frameworks for blockchain implementation. She is a Board Member of CoinDesk. She is a passionate advocate of sovereign digital identity and data ownership. Maja has a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Finance, Masters in Diplomacy/International studies and Law Degree.