Tony Rose

Tony Rose


Tony has 20 years experience in Silicon Valley as a software engineer, founder and CEO. He is a passionate and curious technologist who built one of the first e-commerce sites ever using Mod-Perl, founded Internet Radio station Technostate and live streamed burning man community meet-ups in 1998, sent one of the first ever ringtones to a US cell phone using TDMA.

Recently Tony led the deployment of Apple Pay, Android Pay (and other digital credit card wallets) into the US market as head of digital wallets for Vantiv.

Tony is excited to share his vision for the potential of the digital wallet to enable digital sovereignty for everyone. Anyone in the world with a cell phone and internet connection is able to take custodianship of their digital assets (money and identity) and then use these to access marketplaces for financial services (investments, insurance, and loans).

Tony is currently working with to enable digital wallets for their existing ecosystem of 16m users who are empowered with micro-loans in the form of airtime minutes. This talk will share the roadmap and how we enable financial inclusion starting with micro loans and end up with full custodianship of digital assets and digital sovereignty for everyone.